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Why Face Masks Have Gone Popular In 2020

Even though nobody saw that coming, face masks have become tremendously popular in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic made everyone do everything possible to protect themselves and their beloved ones by wearing face masks and by abiding to the distancing rules enforced by governments all over the world. Under these circumstances, people living in busy urban areas (and not only) saw themselves forced to wear masks inside shops, office buildings and public institutions.

Unfortunately, the relaxation of the confinement measures has brought a higher number of COVID-19 cases. The UK has been one of the most affected countries in the world. Even though many people find it hard to believe that the pandemic threat us real, there are enough individuals who have decided that it’s better to be safe than sorry. All these people have been wearing face masks in public spaces such as airports, train stations, public transportation means, restaurants, shopping malls, and open markets. Safety is one of the most important needs of the humankind. The instinct of survival dictates that we rather wear protective equipment than risk an infection with the dreaded SARS-COV-2 virus. It is true that most of the infected people who died were already ill or very old. Nevertheless, some of the casualties were middle-age, healthy adults who collapsed within days from becoming infected according to Face Masks Ireland.

As this virus wasn’t known before, there’s no vaccine and no cure for this disease. This is one of the things that have determined so many people to wear masks, in the attempt to stay safe and to reduce the risk of infection. Also, many people wear these face masks as a sign that they care for people around them. Studies have shown that wearing a face mask can significantly reduce the spreading of the virus and the risk of contamination. Even those who don’t care about their peers wear masks, as this is the only way they can avoid getting a fine. Briefly, 2020 has started as the year when everybody needs to wear a face mask in social situations, at work or in public places. Even though travel for leisure is still improbable, people also travel for work and for various reasons other than going on a holiday. All of them need to contribute to decreasing the risk of contamination by abiding to the rules enforced by the government. One of these rules is to wear a face mask in a wide array of situations.

Since everyone has to wear a mask on their face, why not choose a trendy design? Many people made the transition from necessity to fashion and purchased face masks in a wide array of colors and patterns, with or without statement graphics and powerful messages. This is how a garment that would have been considered as unacceptable only a short while ago has become one of the trendiest accessories and a fashion statement. In the beginning of the pandemic, face masks were very difficult to find in shops. The demand was overwhelming, so there’s no wonder the supply hasn’t been able to meet it. This situation has led many people to craft their own face masks. They’ve researched the materials and the filtration levels, and they have created beautiful and effective face masks.

Some went as far as to set up new businesses to provide general population with effective and fancy masks to suit a wide range of personal tastes and preferences. Also, big fashion houses have created their own face mask models to match and complement their outfits. This is the beginning of a trend that’s probably going to stay with us for many years to come.

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Face masks are the must have clothing item of 2020 for obvious reasons as the pandemic causes global locakdown on a unprecedented scale, never before experienced in our lifetimes, but that doesn’t mean that you need to take it lying down, and one way to regain a little bit of control as you go about your daily life is to choose fashionable face masks that you like to wear.